Donation Requests

At Denica’s we believe in assisting our community in any way we can.  We proudly offer a military discount to honor those that serve our country.

Our community is vital to our success… without you, we would not be in business! Thank you!

As an active community member, we take part in, host, and champion many local fundraising events. We try our best to use our resources wisely and have established criteria that we follow when evaluating whether or not we can participate in a fundraising event. Our guidelines are as follows:

  • We request that we receive a written correspondence from the event committee regarding the fundraiser specifying all details at least 2 months prior to the event. Requests received after our 2-month window many times cannot be considered. All requests must be submitted in writing on your organization’s letterhead.
  • We can only participate in fundraising events that directly contribute to the well being of the Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Our contributions can only be made to causes that benefit these counties.
  • Requests should be emailed to: [email protected] Subject: Donation Request. Each request should include the following information:
    • Brief summary of your organization and who it benefits
    • The date of your event and deadline for response
    • Your organization’s mailing address, contact name and daytime phone number.
    • Your organization’s Federal tax identification number.

We are unable to donate money to any cause or event. We will gladly donate gift certificates and product to causes that meet our criteria, if we have the available resources.

As a participant in your event, we ask for in return a letter of acknowledgement and photos of the festivities!

Please keep in mind that we receive numerous requests for donations and event participation every day and although we honor most of them, sometimes we cannot honor them all.

With love and kindness,
James and Denica Freitas and family