How do you eat your Burrito?

It’s come to my attention that now that we have been open for over 13 years (can you believe it?) we have many new customers who might not realize that how they eat their burritos tells a lot about them as a person. So helpful people that we are (we’re givers — have we mentioned that?), we’d like to share with you what you’re telling the world about yourself when…

You eat your burrito with both hands: Although possessive and controlling, you excel at making your “to go” food into a perfect aluminum foil duck.Two hands

You eat your burrito with one hand: You’re a fun-loving thrill seeker.  With a zest for life that marvels those around you, you talk  with your hands more than the average bear.

You eat your burrito with a knife and fork: To the outside world you’re the picture of reserve, but on the inside you yearn for the danger of eating with your fingers. A disproportionate number of you play the oboe. (Isn’t it a impressive that I don’t even know what an oboe is, and yet I can still tell this by watching you eat?)

You lower your face to your burrito:  You shun the limelight, but paradoxically, you delight in yelling “BINGO!” at inappropriate times. Many of you join the circus later in life.IMG_0582_2

You unwrap your burrito and pour the contents onto your plate:  This behavior is just so silly, it defies definition. But let’s try: You’re a silly, silly person.

So there you have it folks, everything you’ve ever needed to know about your burrito eating habits from trained professionals.

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