James’ Secret Spot: Lake Faucherie

Don’t you love an adventure?  It is so much fun to go someplace new!  We have a collection of what we like to call “Secret Spots”.  In each newsletter we will let you in on one of our secrets, and we hope you will be inspired to explore them too! If you have dined in […]

Tour De Palm Springs

A long time customer tipped us off to this beautiful 56 mile bike ride, and I am so glad we signed up! After a busy winter at the restaurant, we were so ready to get out of town, and this bike ride was the perfect excuse to enjoy not only some exercise, but some much […]

James’ Secret Spot: Biltmore Four Seasons Hotel, Santa Barbara

It was stressful and frustrating.  I was delegated the navigator since he was driving. There were detours and switchbacks. Between the on board navigation software, my smart phone, and an old fashioned trusty map book, we were finally on track heading home.  I was sleeping in the car, exhausted as James drove us back home […]

James’ Secret Spot: Calf Creek, Utah

     When James and I were dating, he took me on so many adventures.  I was the city girl without any North Face gear, just fashionable shoes and designer jeans.  I didn’t even know how much I would fall in love with the outdoors and with my sweetheart when we went to Calf Creek. […]

James’ Secret Spot: Fernwood Resort

We have the problem as restaurant owners of having a difficult time disengaging and turning it off, so to speak.  It is virtually impossible for us to take a day off during the week, and any day that we take “off”, if we are in town, we inevitably end up coming in to the café, […]