James’ Secret Spot: Fernwood Resort

We have the problem as restaurant owners of having a difficult time disengaging and turning it off, so to speak.  It is virtually impossible for us to take a day off during the week, and any day that we take “off”, if we are in town, we inevitably end up coming in to the café, making sure all are present, that we are not out of sour cream, that there are enough quarters in the register, that the coffee is hot and the soda cold…the list goes on.

     Last week James and I were at that point of “WENEEDTOGETAWAY!”.  The first thing that came to mind is Big Sur, one of our most favorite spots on the planet.  Our usual haunt, Big Sur Campground and Cabins, was booked, so we were forced to venture outside the familiar…. And discovered a gem.
     Fernwood Resort has campgrounds, tent cabins, a motel, and my favorite, mini cabins.  The cabins were almost brand new, probably around 1000 sq ft, with a queen bed, fully equipped kitchen, bunk beds, an outdoor fire pit, and best of all…a tub and shower!   With great water pressure!  We stayed in cabin 30, “Chantrelle”, and it overlooked a beautiful meadow, with giant redwoods and the babbling Big Sur River just a few feet away.  The river is always cold and refreshing, and the weekend was just what we needed to restore our souls and make it possible for us to keep coming up with new ideas.  As a bonus, it happened to be the Big Sur Marathon, and Highway One was closed for several hours.  I was overjoyed to see the sea of runners whizzing by at 7am,  I may have to run  that race next year!
When you arrive at the Fernwood Campground, located just off of Highway One, below Fernwood Motel, you will be greeted at the “Historic School House” which is now serving as the office.
“You will enjoy any activity in which you are fully present, any activity that is not just a means to an end. It isn’t the action you perform that you really enjoy, but the deep sense of aliveness that flows into it. That aliveness is one with who you are. This means that when you enjoy doing something, you are really experiencing the joy of Being…”

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