Valuable Denica’s lessons learned

When we opened Denica’s Pastry Café 12 years ago, we thought we had an idea of what we were getting into.  I spent hours on our business plan, making up numbers and projections, maxing out every line of credit we could get our hands on. Definitely put all of our eggs into one basket.  We […]

Bad Moods

Most people spend three out of 10 days battling a foul mood. The causes of crabbiness are many, including lack of sleep and changes in hormone levels. Research has even linked chronic peevishness to too much activity in the frontal lobe of the brain. But whatever the cause, you can take steps to mitigate a […]

Top 14 Things My Mother Taught Me

(just kidding Mom) 1. My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION … “Just wait until your father gets home.” 2. My mother taught me about RECEIVING…“You are going to get it when we get home!” 3. My mother taught me to MEET A CHALLENGE…“What were you thinking? Answer me when I talk to you! Don’t talk […]

Interview: James and Denica Freitas

Who shaped the way you think about food? Denica:  My mom.  She is a wonderful cook and entertainer, and taught us to try and learn to like many exotic foods. James:  My mother, her delicious lasagna and complete meals even when working and going to school Who was/is the most influential person in your life? […]