Interview: James and Denica Freitas

Who shaped the way you think about food?

Denica:  My mom.  She is a wonderful cook and entertainer, and taught us to try and learn to like many exotic foods.
James:  My mother, her delicious lasagna and complete meals even when working and going to school
Who was/is the most influential person in your life?
Denica:  My husband, James.  He is our family leader, the driving force behind our success and growth.
James:  My Stepdad, Jim Rose.  He had a gun and a badge, and he was always right.  You can’t snow the Snow Man.
What does your kitchen lack that you dream of having?
Denica:  I wish I had our restaurant gas range and super powered sprayer for washing dishes at home.  Someone to clean up after me would be nice too…
James:  A strong exhaust fan, gas burners, and drawer space.
What are some of your favorite pantry staples?
Denica:  Unsalted butter, garlic, gourmet sausage and cheese.
James:  Soy Sauce, Garlic Salt, fresh ground pepper.
What is your favorite dish?  
Denica:  My mom’s fabulous homemade seafood paella, and any sweet pastry. Yum!
James:  Lasagna or Beef Stew
What are your healthy eating strategies?  
Denica:  I make it a habit to eat every 3 hours, and drink water first if I feel hungry- thirst is often mistaken for hunger.
James:   Front load with protein shakes in the morning and stay away from my kids’ leftovers
What’s your favorite indulgence?
Denica:  Haagen-Daz rum raisin ice cream, or crème brulee.
James:  Porterhouse Steak barbecued over real charcoal bricquets with baked potato with butter and chives
Having tried it once, what would you happily never eat again?  
Denica:  I don’t know…maybe spam!
James:  Brussel Sprouts or Wild Muflong Sheep Jerky from Molakai, Hawaii

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