Welcome to Holland

I wanted to share with you one of the challenges and blessings we have in our lives.  Our son Noah, whom many of you have met in the café, was born with developmental delays.  It is not something that we talk about very often, we just deal with the issues and love him even more. […]

Tom Sawyer

This summer at the cabin I began reading Tom Sawyer to the boys.  The jargon is a little hard to understand, so I translate to modern English as I go, but the message and adventures are timeless.  From the 5 year old up to the 12 year old, they love the story!   James broke […]

Our Big Family….

Jessica, age 20, is living inVentura and working with children with special needs.  She will be up this summer for a long overdue visit. Isabella is 16, and is looking forward to herSenior year next year.  She plans on working as much as possible this summer while still squeezing in time to get a tan. […]