Valuable Denica’s lessons learned

When we opened Denica’s Pastry Café 12 years ago, we thought we had an idea of what we were getting into.  I spent hours on our business plan, making up numbers and projections, maxing out every line of credit we could get our hands on.

Definitely put all of our eggs into one basket.  We just were full of confidence and ideas– everything after that was sort of vague.
As the years progressed, however, we’ve learned a lot about running our own business and we’d like to share some of these valuable insights with you. So with that said, here are our:
Valuable Denica’s Lessons Learned
• Ouch! That grill is hot!
• No matter how many mascots you buy, they will all be too hot for any human to wear and they will all get dirty just by looking at them.
• Never buy 50,000 of anything, no matter how cheap they are. (Stickers lose their stickiness after about 3 years)
• If you decide to plan a vacation or three consecutive days off, your key staff will coincidentally need the same days off.
• Just when you thought you had it down, something changes.
• If you give your relatives free food, they’ll all order steak – even the vegetarians.
• The one day that you are short staffed and low on product is the one record day of the month.
• Stay fluid, roll with it!

So there you have it folks, business secrets that can be applied to situations in all walks of life.

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