James’ Secret Spot: Calf Creek, Utah

     When James and I were dating, he took me on so many adventures.  I was the city girl without any North Face gear, just fashionable shoes and designer jeans.  I didn’t even know how much I would fall in love with the outdoors and with my sweetheart when we went to Calf Creek.
     We flew into Las Vegas with a giant yellow North Face bag full of gear, rented a car, and drove north to Calf Creek, Utah, located between Boulder and Escalante.  This is a treasure of a spot that I can’t believe James found.
     The area consists of only about 15 sites, very rustic with no showers.  It is definitely a roughin’ it spot, no RV’s, just old fashioned tent camping.  We were there in April and camped right along the creek.  We woke up to icicles inside our tent!  During the day it is nice and hot, perfect for exploring the oasis that is Calf Creek. The creek runs through a canyon that is made of sandstone, with areas that you can climb up and explore.  The Native Americans lived among the cliffs up on these walls, and there are still pictographs on the walls.
     We took the 2 ½ mile hike up to Calf Creek Falls, not an extremely steep hike, but a little strenuous nonetheless.  We packed in a lunch, fishing pole (James caught some decent sized German brown trout), and a couple of chairs, as well as our bathing suits for the pool at the falls.  The arrival at the 65 ft. falls is breathtaking, with the mineral streaked sandstone tinted shades of green, blue and turquoise.  The water of course is absolutely frigid, but feels oh so good after the hot hike to the falls.
     I would stay at least 3 days to explore this secret spot.  I can’t wait to go again!

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