Thoughts on Motivation

Labor Day marks the change from summer to fall, from vacation to school. It also marks the start of the final lap — the homestretch — in your quest to complete a great year before hitting 2008.
It’s like New Year’s — a new page and another (yes, another) chance to make a change and do all the things we said we were going to do, but never did.
Labor Day gives you a last chance opportunity to make a dash — a sprint to December 31st, so you can make up for all the things you said you would accomplish last January 1st … but just never got around to doing.
As we enter fall, and it is time to get back on track, both in fitness, business, and personally, I am reminded of a favorite quote from Paul Williams in his book, Das Energi:
“At the depths of despair, nothing matters. I can’t do anything, got to get out of here, walls falling in, throw me a rope. I can’t move, can’t stand it, nothing, throw me a rope …
“Then one day, like any other day, finally tired of waiting for help that never comes, make a rope, tie it to a rock, throw it up, pull yourself out and walk away …”
The message here is simple:
• It’s your body — take charge of it.
• It’s your business — take charge of it.
• It’s your life — take charge of it.
Do you think that doing the things you know need to be done is scary?  That’s nothing. Adrenaline is just adrenaline. Whether that looks like “Oh Boy” or “Oh @&*!” is just a matter of attitude. If you really want to be scared, think about what is sure to happen if you don’t take action!
As Paul Williams put it, “Stamp out hesitation before it turns into fear!”
It’s your life, live it!

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