If it’s fresh baked cookies you’re looking for, you have come to the right place. We have been baking these delicious goodies since 1987.  At Denica’s  you will find our staff baking cookies throughout the day. We believe there is nothing as comforting as freshly baked cookies and we like to make sure our customers are able to share in that comfort. Our cookies are made with premium ingredients from the butter to the chocolate and we take great pride in making sure we pass on to you the best product we can.

Whether you are a chocolate fiend, oatmeal lover or if snickerdoodles are your passion, we have something for you.

Denica’s cookies are baked to order and come in 14 distinct varieties. We take great pride in our cookies as well as the presentation and packaging that goes into each gift box. Our cookies are hand placed into our signature blue and chocolate brown boxes.  Our goal is to make each Denica’s gift box an elegant surprise for the recipient and one that exceeds expectations.

All of our products may contain Nuts or Traces of Nuts including Peanuts and Tree nuts

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