Get Moving

Well, you may have been wondering why you didn’t get your newsletter, or maybe you didn’t even notice…but Wow!…has it been 4 months since I wrote??? I love the John Lennon line from the song Beautiful Boy, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”  This has certainly been my life lately. Though excuses are like…. belly buttons, everyone has one. Therefore, I am not going to give any excuses other than that time has gotten away from me.  We have been busy here at the café, brainstorming new ideas, training new crewmembers, meeting so many new guests (thank you for spreading the word!)

We have also been busy on a personal level getting ourselves healthy.  In the past 7 years that we have been opened, we have been so lazy about getting out there!  You can see by the photos on the walls in the Taco Lounge that we seem to be or once were very active people, hiking, canoeing, traveling…the restaurant business has kept us enthralled and we forgot to set time away to exercise!

On that note, I began a program to help me get out of the couch potato coma that held me captive.  I downloaded a pod cast onto my new Ipod for a running program called Couch to 5K, literally a miracle program for me.  I actually ran my first 5K race on December 1st at a somewhat snail pace of 32 minutes!  Not bad, when 10 weeks ago I struggled with 90 seconds of running!

James watched me from the couch for a few weeks, then got jealous of my endorphin induced dances around the house, and started the program too!  So you may see an incredible shrinking couple in the next few months- feel free to compliment us on our progress!

We are a Star Wars family, with our youngest being the biggest fan.  On that note, to offset “The Dark Side” of Denica’s, which is so tasty and good, we are adding a “Light Side” just in time for your New Year’s Resolutions.  This will be a menu that will include our favorite things to eat here at the café and at home.

We have been listening to your requests, and we are adding a ½ sandwich option.  You can also upgrade to our now famous pear and blue cheese salad as a side with your soup or sandwich.   We may be slow, but we get there…thanks for your support!

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