We are growing! Walnut Creek this week, Livermore right behind it…

WC BoothsWe are opening not one but 2 more locations any day!  Walnut Creek is due to launch in about a week, and we are SO excited!  James and his team put a ton of hard work and hours into converting this 12 year old fast food joint into a beautiful brand spanking new kitchen for us to serve the community!  The colors are vibrant and fresh, with a splash of dark green along with tans and real oak tables.

Sneak Peak WC

When you visit us, please say hi!  We are just a mom and pop, so I can promise that we won’t be totally ready, but we are going for it!  Service may be a little slow until we get the hang of working in this new kitchen set up, but the food will be delicious as usual, and the smiles big!WC Counter

We need to practice the menu and train the team, so please come visit us- we will even give you the tour!WC New kitchen

We have put all of our energy into getting WC staffed and equipped, but we have not forgotten Livermore, close to our heart and to our baby in Dublin.  As soon as we can slip over to Livermore we will open that baby up too.  I am thinking 2 weeks or maybe 3…can’t wait to serve you in Livermore!!

5 Responses to “We are growing! Walnut Creek this week, Livermore right behind it…”
  1. Meg says:

    I was driving to work the other day and noticed the Denica’s sign where the old Denny’s used to be in Lovermore! So excited for you to open up! We need something like Denica’s in Livermore! Can’t wait!

  2. Rachel Stauffer says:

    When is the Livermore grand opening?? We can’t wait!!

  3. Sheryl says:

    Saw the sign go up on the Livermore location. So excited. Let me know when I can drop by for a tour? Thank you for moving East. I am a big Fan.

  4. Lori Esparza says:

    Good Morning Denicas,
    I live here in Livermore, and back in 2004 I worked in Dublin and loved your food ! I am so excited you are in Livermore ! I plain on coming in today to get some yummy food. Congratulations and I will see you soon !!

  5. Joe says:

    Still a great addition to Livermore! Yummmmmmmyyyyy

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