Propane Vs. Charcoal

I was sad to discover that grilling with propane is healthier than grilling with charcoal.  We have recently rediscovered our love for good old briquettes and the flavor they give food when cooking over them.  So alas, it is time to shop for a new propane unit, as our old one has died from excessive use and has been overhauled two times too many.

The reason that charcoal is bad for us is that two carcinogens are created when meat is grilled- PAH and HCA.  PAH results when meat absorbs smoke, and HCA are found in the char when mats are overcooked.

Man! I love that charring!  Dad, I guess you were right.  I am sorry I didn’t believe you, but it seemed that growing up you blamed too many things with being the cause of cancer.  All the yummy things that kids like, hot dogs, red dye in those candies and cherries…Plus the no sugar as first or second ingredient rule in cereal…fruits and veggies only after 4 o’clock…but I digress.

Dad was right.  Charcoal produced more smoke than propane as well as higher heat, resulting in more carcinogens in grilled meats.  Solution:  Whenever possible, grill with propane.  Trim fat from meats, then marinate in vinegar or lemon juice,  Leaner meats create fewer drippings, which reduced smoke, and marinating in vinegar or lemon juice reduces the HCS by up to 90%.

By the way, thank you Dad, for instilling in me the knowledge of healthy eating.  You are my hero, still going strong, your batteries like the energizer bunny commercial.  I model my self after you, never stop moving!

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