What Goes Around, Comes Around

Do you ever worry that your kids might grow up and spend most of their time making excuses about why they are too busy to visit or to help you when you’re the most in need?

Fortunately, there’s a powerful strategy that kills two birds with one stone. It creates kids who’re more likely to help you when you are old…and it also creates kids who’re more likely to do their chores before you get old.

The next time you see your kids working hard at one of their chores, ask them if they’d like your help. Then give them a hand as long as they continue to work at least as hard as you are. Have fun together!

One of the best ways to get children to more frequently do something you want is to pay attention to them when they’re doing it. When we apply this to chores, we get a nice benefit in the short term…and grown kids who are far more willing to help us out in the long term.
From Love and Logic Institute

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