What’s Going On… 2009 Goals

Each year after the holidays, James and I sit down and write down our goals for the following year.  Now these goals are different from resolutions.  In my experience a resolution is a promise to change something huge and broad forever.  Hard to keep for the long term, we are human after all, and society is usually working against us keeping those resolutions.  So instead, the goal comes in.  A goal for us is something attainable, that we can accomplish in the 12 months to come, and cross off the list.

Instead of a resolution to “lose weight”, I will set a goal to  “lose 10 lbs”, instead of resolving to “save money”, we set a goal to “put aside X dollars from the next paycheck”.  As you attain the goal, cross it off the list, add another goal.

Now that is not to say that we achieve all the goals!  I was reviewing last year’s list, which I keep in the back of my dayplanner.  My planner is a purse sized calendar that is pretty old school in this day of blackberry and palm pilots, but I like the visual of it.  I had listed approximately 14 goals, of which I achieved 9.  Not too bad, I guess, better than half!  Will I carry over the ones I missed to next year?  Not really, maybe the “Learn to snowboard” one, but not the “get a nanny” one!  That one was written in a state of parental overload, which subsided promptly after the episode that caused me to add it to the list!

My list for 2009 is not so long, I have found myself in a place of peace and contentment, in spite of the chaos that surrounds us in this crazy economy.  I would like to get my boys running with me, so that is one goal for 2009, and I want to finally reach my marathon goal this year as well.  Other than that, my prayers are more important than my goals.  I pray every day and give thanks for the health and safety of my children and family.  I am thankful that I have a business to run, a place to go every day (yes, every day), where I get to interact with such a great community of staff and guests.

I know that 2009 will be a year like no other, and I am ready for it.  I have so much to be grateful for, and I do love a challenge!  We are brainstorming and number crunching, studying our business and doing what we need to do to ensure our continued existence.   You will see us working every day, though James and I will occasionally give each other a day off.  Our daughter Isabella is working full time as well, so the owner presence is almost constant.

My prayers are out there for those of you that are facing tests of faith, health or financial hurdles, and I thank you for being a part of this community we have created in this small corner of our little world.  We will all get through this mess, I am sure of it!

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