“When are you going to gain some weight?” and other silly questions people ask

I am 40 years old, and have spent my life, as most women, on a dieting roller coaster.  I have tried them all.  Jenny Craig, Low Carb, Fat Free, Weight Watchers, Low Fat, the Cabbage soup diet, Atkins…you name it. None of them had ever worked for more than the short term, until I implemented […]

Back to School

Well here we go again, another September, school back in session, the end of trying to keep the kids from boredom or from beating each up, and back to the bedtime and homework battles.  I have to say I was ready for the routine again. We have had a fun and eventful summer.  I am […]

Thoughts on Motivation

Labor Day marks the change from summer to fall, from vacation to school. It also marks the start of the final lap — the homestretch — in your quest to complete a great year before hitting 2008. It’s like New Year’s — a new page and another (yes, another) chance to make a change and […]

Sunday Outing: Oakland Zoo

We were lucky recently to receive free passes to the Oakland Zoo, which gave us the motivation to check it out.  They have recently re-opened their children’s zoo, and it was great! James and I were remembering when we were kids, and they had the giant tortoises in the childrens zoo. In those days it […]

Tom Sawyer

This summer at the cabin I began reading Tom Sawyer to the boys.  The jargon is a little hard to understand, so I translate to modern English as I go, but the message and adventures are timeless.  From the 5 year old up to the 12 year old, they love the story!   James broke […]