James’ Secret Spot: Calf Creek, Utah

     When James and I were dating, he took me on so many adventures.  I was the city girl without any North Face gear, just fashionable shoes and designer jeans.  I didn’t even know how much I would fall in love with the outdoors and with my sweetheart when we went to Calf Creek. […]

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Did you know…That gift cards are the third most requested gift on a person’s list, right behind money and jewelry?  Neither did I – I thought they’d be at least number 2. When did it become appropriate to ask for cash? (“This year I want 100 smackers instead of another sweater vest.  Got it, Grandma?”) […]

What’s Going On… It Takes Two to Tandem

It has been said that where ever your relationship is going, tandems will get you there faster.  The speeds that we have reached, upwards of 30 miles per hour, have me in the back closing my eyes and praying that we don’t hit a pothole, and the time riding together has enabled us to have […]

My first half marathon!

I can’t believe I did it! At least 3 days worth of nervous energy and anxiety and loss of sleep…I finished my first 13.1 mile race! We got the kids up before 6 am to make the drive to San Jose for the race.  I powered down a pre-run breakfast at home to let my […]

Slow down- you’ll go faster

If you are anything like us, you lead a very busy life, too busy in many ways.  We juggle work,  kids, exercise, romance, bills, sports, grocery shopping, housework, the list goes on.  I am at the point in my life where I am trying to balance it all out.  For me it begins at work. […]